Areas of Practice

Criminal Defence

We are usually contacted by people who have been charged by police with either a criminal offence or an offence under the Highway Traffic Act. The very first question I ask a client is whether they have said anything at all to the police. Often innocent people say things to police officers that can be interpreted as admissions that they are guilty. The best thing to do if you are confronted by police is to immediately call a lawyer. My home phone number is available from the police on request. A lawyer will quickly tell you what your rights are and protect you from making any mistakes that could hurt your case.

Mental Health

We represent individuals with mental illness who are involuntary patients in psychiatric facilities, have been found unable to consent to treatment, or have been found not criminally responsible in criminal proceedings. We make sure their legal rights are fully protected.

Wills and Estates

Every adult person should prepare two documents, a will and a power of attorney. A will tells the world where you want any assets you own to go when you die. If you are a parent you can also decide who will be the guardian of your children when you die. A power of attorney appoints a responsible individual to manage your assets and make care decisions if you are incapacitated due to injury or mental health. If you do not prepare these documents costly court proceedings could be required that result in someone you never wanted being in charge of your estate.